🎃 562 LIVE Gets Spooky: A Nostalgic Halloween Radio Production! 🎃

Good evening to all our dear readers and audio aficionados!

We're absolutely thrilled to share with you a special Halloween treat that's sure to send shivers down your spine and transport you to a time when the radio was the heart of entertainment.

Haunted Radio 2023

The Press Telegram recently announced a unique and spine-chilling event for all Long Beach residents and, of course, anyone with an ear for old-school horror. On Tuesday, October 31st, from 6:30-8:30 p.m., 562 LIVE is ditching its regular programming to bring you Haunted Radio - a Halloween-themed radio production.

What to Expect:

Imagine sitting in your living room, lights dimmed, with only the soft glow of candles lighting the room. As you tune into 562 LIVE, you're immediately wrapped in a world of chilling narratives, spine-tingling sound effects, and haunting musical scores. Just like the golden age of radio, when families would gather around their radio sets and immerse themselves in the stories being told, Haunted Radio promises to be an atmospheric experience that evokes nostalgia while making your heart race.

Haunted Radio 2023

Why You Should Tune In:

  1. Nostalgia Trip: For those who remember or have heard tales of the days when radio was king, this is a rare opportunity to relive those memories or create new ones.
  2. A Unique Halloween Experience: In a world filled with horror movies and TV shows, there's something uniquely intimate and immersive about audio horror. Let your imagination run wild!
  3. Support Local Talent: 562 LIVE has always been a platform that celebrates local voices and talent. By tuning in, you're showing support for the creative minds of Long Beach.

So, as the clock ticks closer to the witching hour this Halloween, make sure you're tuned into 562 LIVE. Whether you're listening alone or making it a group event, it promises to be a Halloween to remember!

For more details and to dive deeper into the behind-the-scenes magic of this event, check out the full article on The Press Telegram.

Stay spooky and keep those dials tuned!


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