Maestro of Mischief

Journey into the enigmatic realm of Art, Literature, Talk with Alex Exum.

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A Conductor of Chaos.

The Maestro of the Misunderstood.

Alex Exum, the maestro from tomorrow, is here to ensnare your imagination. He weaves his own intricate brand of commentary on current events, society, and culture. Allow Alex to be your mysterious guide through the labyrinth of life.

With over two decades of creating mixed-media art and digital wonders, Alex Exum embodies a unique blend of post-modern futurism and whimsical chaos. 

His works, adored by an ever-growing community on, are not just making waves but causing tsunamis in the digital art world. 

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(24x36) Canvas Prints on Premium 1.5in Gallery wrap, black Backboard backing with hanging wire installed. 

$120.00 Each (S&H included)