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Culture Hacker.

Discover the underground world of digital art and audio with Alex Exum

Creating digital and mixed-media art for close to 20 years, Alex Exum's work reflects a distinct style of post-modern futurism. With a strong following on his visionary art is making waves in the digital art world.

Talk show host from the future.

Alex Exum is the talk show host of the future, who knows how to keep you entertained. He'll give you his own brand of commentary on current events, society and culture. Tune in and let Alex be your guide through life.

Dr. Stein Halloween Show
The Bombshell Collection by Alex Exum

Artist, writer, actor, and orator with a quirky talk show host voice.

Alex Exum is a digital artist and media personality on the rise.
His art and commentary is an aesthetic expression of culture, science, technology and society. His work can be seen in virtual worlds such as virtual luxury Penthouse and Spatial metaverse, but also in physical spaces in Long Beach and beyond...

Weird and Wonderful.

"I'm rather unique and fun, if you ask me. But then again, I don't want to hear the answer."

Vanity is for the birds.

"I like making things. I like talking about it. And I like working with other people who like making and talking about things..."

More than just a pretty name.

Alex Exum is the owner of NFT art, a digital artist and talk show host, who has created compilations with top-selling virtual goods. Browse his galleries or listen to his latest episode today.



Unscripted. Unapologetic. Uncompromising. Alex is an expert storyteller and veteran broadcaster who is truly an original in radio. Funny, madding, yet always entertaining, Alex brings his own personal approach to culture, society and current events.


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