Haunted Radio Halloween 2023

Six Terrifying Radio Horror Plays by the master of the macabre, Alex Exum!

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Join us for this Spooky Halloween Event!

🎙️ Introducing "Haunted Radio: Six Terrifying Radio Horror Dramas" by the master of the macabre, Alex Exum! Step into the eerie world of spine-chilling suspense and heart-pounding fear as you immerse yourself in these hair-raising tales, meticulously woven by Alex himself and brought to life by the mesmerizing voices of Los Angeles' most extraordinary actors.

HEAR THE FEAR! Listen to the NEW trailer!

🔮 Prepare to have your senses enveloped in a spectral symphony of terror, as each episode transports you to a realm where the unknown whispers and shadows dance. Drawing inspiration from the golden age of radio horror shows, Exum conjures an auditory experience that transcends time, injecting a fresh dose of fear into the very essence of storytelling.

🔊 Engulf your senses with the magnetic allure of SIX Killer Classics that will forever haunt your imagination:

1. "Bigfoot Speaks: Interview with a Sasquatch!" - Unveil the secrets of the enigmatic forest-dwelling giant as you delve deep into an unprecedented encounter that will send shivers down your spine.

2. "Scary Mary" - Uncover the chilling tale of a haunting melody that lingers beyond the grave, beckoning the unwary into a world of otherworldly echoes.

3. "Dead Again" - Brace yourself for a journey beyond the veil of death itself, where the echoes of the departed refuse to fade away.


4. "Manor of Death" - Dare to step into the forsaken halls of a malevolent mansion, where the whispers of the past manifest in terrifying forms.

5. "The Diabolical Doctor Stein" - Confront your deepest fears as the nefarious experiments of an unhinged scientist come to life, blurring the boundaries between sanity and madness.

6. ???


📻 Immerse yourself in the HQ digital audio perfection of these diabolical dramas, capturing every creaking floorboard, echoing footstep, and spine-tingling whisper. With an exclusive link to a digital download, the horrors follow you wherever you go.


💀 Evoke the ambiance of an era gone by - dim the lights, ignite a solitary candle, and surrender to the tales that will captivate your nightmares. 

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--LIVE Audio Link--
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