The Dark Brotherhood Behind the Badge: How Deputy Gangs Rule the Roost in LA

These aren't just a bunch of rogue cops.

Ladies and gents, we're not in Kansas anymore. We're knee-deep in the grimy streets of LA, where some deputies are more gangster than the gangsters they're supposed to be cuffing. This isn't just some Hollywood script; it's real life, scarier than any crime drama you've binged on Netflix.

The Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission cracked open this can of worms in 2021, digging into decades of dirt on these so-called deputy gangs. These aren't just a bunch of rogue cops. Oh no, they're organized, they've got tattoos to prove their loyalty, and they're as entrenched in the Department as corruption in politics​.

A Legacy of Fear and Intimidation

Picture this: It's 1973, and a group called the Little Devils is strutting around with devil tattoos. Fast forward to the 90s, and you've got the Vikings, wreaking havoc and making headlines. These gangs didn't just bully the streets; they terrorized their own, fostering a culture where even the good guys feared speaking up​​.

The Badges of Dishonor

The Department's got its own hall of shame with cliques like the Executioners, Banditos, and Reapers. These aren't just cool names; these groups are the epitome of misconduct. They manipulate assignments, exclude based on race and gender, and celebrate shootings with sickening rituals like "shooting parties." The audacity of these gangs is off the charts, with members feeling untouchable behind their badges​​.

The Cost of Corruption

Think this is just a problem for the Department? Think again. These deputy gangs have cost the county millions in lawsuits, not to mention the irreparable damage to public trust​​.

Inside the Gangs' Lair: A Tour of Infamy

  1. Compton Station: Here, the Executioners call the shots, literally. They've been accused of unjustified shootings and preferential treatment. Their "shot caller" led a work slowdown just to flex their muscles, showing they're more gang than public servant​​.
  2. East LA Station: Home to the notorious Banditos, who've been involved in everything from brutal beatings to obstruction of justice. Their influence was so strong that they could derail careers and silence their critics with ease​​.
  3. Lennox Station (Now South LA): Shocking footage revealed Deputy Cliques' blatant abuse of power. The Reapers, a gang within, were implicated in multiple shootings and showed an appalling disregard for basic human rights​​.
  4. Century Station: A battleground for the Regulators and Spartans, where deputies acted like feudal lords, with complete disregard for the Department's leadership or the community they served​​.

The Real Price of Silence

What's chilling is the culture of fear these gangs have instilled. Deputies afraid to speak out, fearing retaliation not just from the gangs but also from within the system. This is a world where doing the right thing can end your career or worse​​.

In Conclusion: A Call for a Cleansing Fire

This isn't just about bad apples; it's about an infestation that's rotting the Department from the inside. These gangs aren't just a threat to the public; they're a cancer eating away at the very soul of law enforcement. It's high time for a reckoning, a purging of these so-called guardians of the law who've turned into its greatest violators.

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