Alex Exum's Top Talk Shows: A Blend of Popularity and Personal Favorites

This list includes some that have garnered incredible popularity recently.

Hello there, broadcasting aficionados.

Today I'm thrilled to share with you my Top shows. This list includes some that have garnered incredible popularity recently and some that hold a special place in my heart, regardless of the numbers. Let's dive in...

By the Numbers: Some of My Most Popular Downloads:

  1. "CIA, The Gateway Experience, Secrets of the Universe" Diving into the unknown is always an adventure, and this show was no exception. Together, we explored the CIA's Gateway Experience, and unearthed secrets of the universe. This episode ignited stimulating discussions and provoked a lot of thought among listeners, making it one of the most popular in recent times.
  2. "iHeart Radio, Spreaker & The Show" Being a part of the podcasting world, I thrilled when I was featured on iHeart Radio, via Spreaker. Back in 2013, this was kind of a BIG deal, not so much in 2023 when just about anyone can now get in,  making it a standout episode. It's so OLD not sure why? Strange. 
  3. "I Told You So." In this show, I revisited some of my past predictions and had a candid chat about what came to fruition, specifically about CRIME. It was a fun, reflective episode that many of you seemed to enjoy!
  4. "Become a LBPD Cop for $22 Hr. Sort of..." With a catchy title and an intriguing topic, this episode explored the unusual and lesser-known sides of law enforcement. The show garnered quite a buzz and quickly became a hit among listeners.
  5. "Six Million Ways to Die" I explore all of the scary, and sometime hilarious, ways one can die in the home according to statistics. Who knew untimely deaths could be so fun.

Some of my personal favorite shows of late:

  1. The End of Hope.
  2. July the 5th.
  3. Absolute. Total. Corruption.


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